Do Tankless Water Heaters Need Maintenance?

Tankless water heaters often garner the reputation of no tank, no maintenance but tankless systems need to be serviced regularly to achieve optimal longevity and efficiency. Some common issues faced include hardness of water, build up, or your temperature is set very high. 

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We all know of those weekends when the whole family is on the island and the line for showers is 10 people deep. By the time the 3rd person finishes their shower, there is no hot water left. So finally, you chose to invest in a tankless water heater, how great. Not only are you reducing your energy costs but you now get to enjoy an endless supply of hot water! 

Water hardness is typically by region, as hard water is chock full of minerals which can lead to scaling and other issues in your system. While your region may not be known for water hardness, all tap water has traces of minerals that can build up over time. With regular maintenance and repair, you can avoid major system issues. 

The primary maintenance that Air Technical provides when it comes to tankless water heaters is descaling or deliming. This professional service is the process that removes build up in your system. It is similar to a flushing and cleaning process. 

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Even if you do not live in an area where hard water is common, the frequency of service should be very 6 to 12 months. If you do not regularly have your system flushed, it can cause damage to the heat exchanger which can lead to more repairs or in some cases complete replacement. 

Another reason maintenance is key is if you have your tankless water heater set to a very high temperature. If your temperature is set high, you are at risk for a scale buildup as chemicals dissolve faster in higher heat. The hotter your tankless heater is, the faster the limescale builds around the heating elements. Does your tankless system show a heat higher than 120 F? That means it is time for an Air Tech professional to perform maintenance. 

Our trained professionals know exactly what to look for when conducting maintenance on your tankless water heater. We want to ensure everyone in the family can enjoy a nice hot shower. We can provide the appropriate services and recommendations on how to extend the life of your heater!