Slow Drain? When is it time to hire a professional?

Unclogging a slow drain may seem to be as simple as going to the store and picking up some generic liquid drain cleaner. However, if you ask any of the service professionals at Air Technical, they will advise you to avoid the liquid and call them. Often these “cleaners” contain a large number of chemicals that can get trapped in your drain and pipes, leading to more damage. These chemicals can also find their way into groundwater and in turn pollute the ocean and bodies of water on our island community. 

Being faced with a clogged almost always warrants the service of a professional as the best way to unclog a drain is with a router. A router can effectively reach blocks that plungers and liquid cannot. If there are multiple blockages, often doing it yourself will allow you to get one blockage but miss the others. Over time, these small blockages add up and can even burst your pipes if professional services are not used. 

Wondering what could have possibly clogged your drain in the first place? Tree roots can grow in your pipes which can lead to clogs. Other factors that lead to clogged include oil or fats that run off your cooking utensils when cleaning or leftover food that is not disposed of properly. 

One of the biggest problems when having a clogged drain is leaving it for too long, as most people do, and neglecting to call a professional. If water sits in the pipes too long it can cause them to rust more quickly. A licensed plumber can solve all of your problems so you don’t put yourself and your home in danger. 

Worried your drain may be clogged? Put your mind at ease with a professional service visit from Air Technical. We will assess the situation and take proper action to get you to drain functioning properly in no time so you can go back to doing what you do best, relaxing at the Jersey Shore!