Whole House Plumbing Service


Every day, we depend on the plumbing in our home to work quietly in the background. So much of our normal day-to-day activities revolve around it. From strong water pressure in the shower to kitchen sinks draining properly, we don’t often think about plumbing…until something goes wrong.

As a homeowner, you probably feel that plumbing emergencies tend to have a way of appearing from out of nowhere…and without warning. But in reality, many major plumbing problems, such as a faulty water heater, tend to build up over time. Often, the key to avoid these kinds of problems is early detection. That’s where a whole house plumbing service can come in handy.

Who Should Schedule a Whole House Plumbing Service Appointment?

As a homeowner, whole house plumbing service inspections are important to help detect any minor issues before they turn into big trouble for your home (and your wallet). You can save a lot of time and money by identifying potential issues before they happen. For example, simple blockages can turn into major clogs, slow leaks could cause water mildew growth, resulting in major flooring damage.

Setting up a whole house plumbing service appointment is also a good idea for those about to buy a home. A plumbing inspection can run in conjunction with your general inspection. It is a small investment to highlight the condition and future health of your plumbing system in the long run. This way you’ll have a better grasp of what you’re getting into before you buy, or be able to make repair demands to the seller. Even if you commission the whole house plumbing inspection after the sale, it can reveal any problems you didn’t notice during the walkthrough and help you monitor possible issues.

What’s Included in a Whole House Plumbing Service Contract

At Air Technical Services, our professional plumbing technicians will perform a thorough service check to identify any potential problems lurking in unexpected places. This includes your kitchen, three bathrooms and one hot water heater. We also inspect the following items:


  • Washing machine hoses and water valves
  • Dryer vent ducts
  • Toilet valves and floats for leaks
  • All sink valves and pipes
  • Visible waste pipes (camera inspection available at discounted rate)
  • All faucet screens and debris cleaning
  • All outdoor hose bibs for leaks and operation
  • Sump pump condition and operation
  • Garbage disposal connection operation
  • Dehumidifier operation


After a whole house plumbing service provider, your professional Air Technical Services plumber will provide you with a list of things that might need to be repaired or replaced and help you prioritize what needs to be addressed first. Our experienced plumbing technicians believe in performing your plumbing job right the first time and using the best materials and technology available.

Schedule your annual whole house plumbing service and maintenance check to keep your plumbing systems running efficiently and reliably season to season… year after year.