What Type Of Air Conditioner Is Optimal For My Home?

As we are approaching the warmer seasons, it is time to start running diagnostics on our air conditioning units to ensure they are performing optimally. If you find that yours is not, there is no need to worry. Just give Air Technical a call and our experienced technicians will come out and assess your needs, provide recommendations and help you find the best unit for your home.

When considering what is the best air conditioner for your home, there are a lot of factors such as the size of your home, where your home is located, what kind of ductwork you have, your budget, and more. There are a few great air conditioning units and systems that you can choose from! Whether you are interested in efficiency, aesthetics, or comfort, there is an option for everyone.

Air Technical technicians are experts in central air conditioning systems specifically Bryant air conditioner systems. Bryant offers a line of high-efficiency home cooling systems to get you efficient performance, comfort, and value. Two outstanding products that Bryant offers are the Evolution Extreme 26 Air Conditioner and the Evolution Extreme 24 air pump. These items are designed to work seamlessly with the complete Bryant Evolution system which analyzes data on your comfort preferences and adjusts to meet the needs of your family.

This system touts 4 main features: precise comfort, high efficiency, ultra-quiet operation, and enhances dehumidification. With the system’s ability to make adjustments, your system can maintain a more consistent combination of temperature, humidity, airflow, and air quality. With high efficiency comes great SEER ratings. These units feature up to 26 SEER for air conditioners, up to 24 SEER for heat pumps, and up to 13 EER for heat pumps; these units may even qualify for local utility rebates due to their efficient nature. Thanks to Bryants exclusive AeroQuiet System II, these units provide ultra-quiet performance inside and outside of your home. For homeowners who live in humid areas, these Evolution Extreme systems offer enhanced dehumidification. This allows your home to be cooler without decreasing the temperature and increasing your utility bill.

At Air Technical, our expert technicians are here to recommend and install the best products based on your needs. We work tirelessly to meet the needs of our customers’ homes and their budgets to ensure the Ocean and Monmouth County area receives the best service possible. We look forward to serving you!