Air Conditioning Myths that are Costing You Money

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Most of us are not HVAC professionals but with a quick search on the internet, we can get the information we think we need to help answer our questions or solve our problems. But in reality, there is a lot of false information online when it comes to the best solutions for your air conditioning. With hot and humid LBI summers, we are often encouraged to blast the AC. We are told to quickly turn the thermostat all the way down, buy bigger units or close vents to redirect the AC from places we don’t need cooled but some of these myths couldn’t be further from the truth!

So, what are some of the biggest air conditioning myths that are actually costing you money instead of saving?  

  1. Your home will cool down quicker if you turn the temperature to the lowest setting
  2. Buying bigger AC units will make your home’s AC better
  3. Turning off the AC while you are away from home will save you money and energy
  4. Air filters do not have to be replaced as frequently as suggested  
  5. If your AC isn’t broken, don’t fix or replace it
  6. Thermostat location does not affect air quality and temperature
  7. Using fans in conjunction with your AC will keep the room cooler
  8. Close vents in rooms you aren’t using to “redirect” the AC
  9. Having your AC unit serviced is not needed if you have a newer unit

Time to debunk these myths! 

  1. No matter what you set your thermostat to, it will run at the same pace so setting it closer to the outside temperature will save you money and will allow your  house to cool quicker.
  2. Depending on the size of your home, big isn’t always better. AC’s that are too large for the spaces they are being used to force air on and off in shorter time spans than those units that are the appropriate size. By doing this, the compressor can get worn out quicker. 
  3. When you leave your home and you turn off your AC, you will have to turn it back on when you return. Your unit then has to work harder to restart and cool your home. We suggest that you leave the unit on but turn the temperature up a few degrees.
  4. Air filters do exactly what the name suggests, they remove particles such as dust and dirt from the air so you can breathe healthy. It is very important to check and change them  based on your manufacturer’s suggested timespan to ensure the best air quality possible. 
  5. While it may not make sense to replace your unit before it has died, using a unit that is not able to perform at its peak can cost you more money to keep than to replace. 
  6. The rule of thumb is that thermostats should be placed away from sources of heating or cooling and should be located in a central spot to get an accurate reading of your homes temperatures. 
  7. Fans will circulate the cool air from your AC but they won’t cool the room any more than what your unit is producing. 
  8. Closing your vents creates an uneven air distribution throughout your home which can cause pressure to build up in your ducts. Despite not wanting to cool those other rooms, your unit will end up working harder, and costing you more money, than just allowing those rooms to be cooled. 
  9. While it may seem like servicing your AC units is a waste of money, especially for newer units, it is important to ensure that your units are performing at peak capacity so you aren’t wasting money or energy. 

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