How to Deal with Hot Spots in Your LBI Home

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As you return to your seaside oasis and begin the summer preparations, you may notice that there are areas of your home that are warmer than others. With temperatures already rising on LBI, you need a solution to these hot spots and quickly! Fortunately, Air Technical, located in Ship Bottom NJ, can help you solve this problem.

Throughout our many years in the business, hot spots are just one of the common HVAC issues we come across. To help solve the problem, we will run some diagnostics to find the cause. While homeowners often think that their AC unit is broken in some way, there are a lot more common reasons as to why a room could be hotter than others. 

One of the main causes we see on LBI is blocked vents. Vents need to be free of obstructions to allow air to flow through your spaces. Cool air absorbs the heat in rooms that are projected off of windows, equipment, or people; if a vent is blocked, that warm air gets trapped and the air cannot flow freely in your space. To solve this problem, we recommend moving any furniture or items that could be covering or blocking the vent. 

Vents can also face blockage when they are dialed to allow a certain amount of air in the room. Most vents have a feature that allows the homeowner to designate how much air can escape. Ensuring that the register is fully open and that the direction of the air is going the right way can help ensure there are no more hot spots. Once your vents are fully open and clear, you should feel relief!

With everyone moving to work from home, and lots of families relocating to their summer homes, renovations are blossoming all over the island. Did you recently convert your deck or garage to be a home office? Did you add AC to those spaces? A reason you could be facing hot spots is that your unit is not large enough to accommodate those new rooms. Even just adding or removing a wall, or changing the function of a room, could have similar effects. For a full diagnosis and solution, our service providers can come to visit your home and recalculate your home’s HVAC needs based on your renovations. 

Finally, another reason you could be experiencing hot spots is due to ductwork issues. With most homes on LBI being seasonal residences, owners often overlook needed maintenance as they aren’t living there full time. During HVAC maintenance visits, Air Tech will check your ducts for you but if you aren’t having these maintenance visits, it’s likely a seal could have come undone or the insulation could have deteriorated which will allow cool air to escape. 

While there often is no quick solution, Air Technical is experienced in the needs of coastal homeowners and will always work to help find and execute a solution to the issue at hand. Give us a call if you think you are facing hot spots or other HVAC issues!