Should I Winterize My House on LBI?

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LBI winters are cold and a HVAC and plumbing company that understand the LBI region and winter is a must. Air Technical Services is located right on the island can do the job properly.

If your home will be vacant over the winter months, the simple answer to this question is, YES! Your house should absolutely be winterized to ensure it is ready for more family fun come spring and summer. Read on to learn about winterizing your home and why it’s a crucial part of preparing for the off-season. 

What Is Winterizing?

Essentially, winterizing is an effort to ensure that pipes and other components of plumbing systems do not freeze over the winter, and that your home is safe to sit empty during cold temperatures. Here’s what’s involved:

  • Removing all water from the home’s plumbing system
  • Filling the pipes with antifreeze
  • Programming thermostats appropriately
  • Disconnecting flexible supply tubes
  • Removing appliances from power source 

Why Is It Important?

Imagine packing up the kids, loading the car, and heading to your shore house to enjoy a warm weekend in May before the rush of another LBI summer begins. You pull into the driveway and your family excitedly runs into the house to unpack, only to find burst pipes and flooded floors. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Winterizing your home helps to avoid the following:

  • Burst pipes and flooding
  • Carbon monoxide threats 
  • Expensive utility bills 

Should I Call a Professional?

Another easy answer of, YES! Winterizing (along with de-winterizing in the spring) should truly be done by a licensed, experienced plumber. Fortunately, Air Technical Services is here for you to ensure your summer getaway doesn’t develop a load of problems over the winter. Give us a call and schedule your winterization before the craze of the holiday season begins. Enter this offseason with peace of mind!