Tips for Lighting My LBI Beach Home

Air Tech Electrical Services for Long Beach Island, NJ

With daylight savings, LBI homeowners often experience the effects of the darkness throughout the winter and the brightness throughout the summer. Depending on the season, you spend more or less time in your home. Designing lighting to accommodate your seasonal habits will create a more comfortable space for you to live in. 

To accommodate for the sun setting sooner and more time spent indoors through the winter, we suggest overhead lighting that makes your spaces more functional and accommodating. Creating a comforting lighting scheme will enhance your home’s livability tremendously.

Tip #1: Choose a variety of lighting types and levels for each room. 

Tip #2: Consider dimming technology for more productive, livable spaces. 

Tip #3: Strategically place your lighting based on the function and focal points of your rooms. 

Tip #4: Identify whether your lighting will be a statement in your space or an accent. 

Tip #5: Choose lighting and fixtures that enhance the look and feel of your room.

When it comes to summer, the sun rises earlier and sets later, allowing us to enjoy more time outside. It is important to not only consider the lighting inside your home but also the lighting outside your home. Creating well-lit outdoor spaces will lead to further enjoyment of those spaces. 

Tip #1: Utilize ambient, task, and accent lighting in your outdoor spaces to create relaxation.

Tip #2: Determine how much lighting you need based on the size of the space.

Tip #3: Consider the size of the space when selecting fixtures for optimal lightning.

Tip #4: Factor in the light pollution your home or neighborhood has to create a good balance.

Tip #5: Consider what areas need what kind of light-based on use. 

Overall, some general things to consider when designing your light are color temperature, quality of light, output and amount of light, and blub type. Our goal at Air Technical is to aid in the installation with our electrical expertise. Our skilled, professional team is here to help you complete the process of accentuating the natural beauty of your home and the LBI region you are surrounded by.