4 Ways To Unclog A Kitchen Drain Without Chemicals

Your kitchen sink may get clogged, especially if you notice it drains slowly, or bring out a smelly odor. Beach Haven West and Manahawkin homes usually have newer sinks. Problems can be easily fixed especially if caught early. It is necessary to deal with a clogged kitchen drain as rapidly as possible. Generally, a clogged drain creates several plumbing problems, some of which are expensive and damaging. A constant clogged drain in your kitchen sink may cause most kitchen property to become ruined, especially if there is a backup of the water overflowing into the surroundings. Moreso, the smelly odor it gives can be harmful to health.

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Some often use most chemical blend bought from a store or hardware shop as a common way to flush down a clogged drain. However, most of these chemicals are caustic and have certain disadvantages if flush down the kitchen sink. It is evident that apart from the harmful effect on pipes, the chemicals are toxic if it touches the eyes or the skin. And the fumes can cause respiratory irritation. It is always advisable to avoid the use of these chemicals for these purposes. And most importantly, hire a professional plumber to prevent any unintended damage. This guide explores various ways to unclog a kitchen drain without chemicals.

  • Plunger
    There are two kinds of plungers available for plunging. A toilet plunger is a sort with a steep black cup. The shallow red plungers are made for plunging of sinks down the drain. Fill water down the kitchen drain. After that, place the plunge cup above the kitchen sink and press it down until the plunger creates a strong vacuum seal. Then grab the handle and push five to six times up and down. Return to see if the drain is running. Continue with this process until the clogged is flushed out down the drain.
  • A wire cloth hanger
    The use of wire hangers is a popular method for removing a clogged drain. Wire hangers are very cheap, readily accessible in most households, and simple to use. To use the hanger, straighten it out by tilting the twined wire at the crochet and flattening its curvature, then rotate the loop so that it drops down the clogged drain. Remove the drill or holder, and then drive the wire crochet back into the pipe. Note: be careful not to use much force, so you don’t trap the hook in a section of the kitchen sink or pipe. And this is why you need to hire a professional plumber to avoid damaging the pipe which can lead to an expensive cost.
    Turn the wire in the loop several times and steadily bring it out of the pipe. With chance, you have a hair clog caught or an unusual item clogging the drain. Repeat the process if needed. To avoid damaging the pipe, hire a professional plumber.
  • Liquid Dish Detergent
    This is the most successful approach for kitchen sinks because it removes grease. Boil a pan of water and pour it through the clogged drain.
    Then add 1/2 cup of degreasing liquid detergent and wait. Boil another pot of water while waiting for the drain to clear. Repeat this continually. It would be best if you also attempted to apply the liquid soap to the boiling water until it is drained down.
  • Use a Wet-Dry Vacuum to Clean the Sink
    Mount your wet dry vacuum for wet use. Follow the instructions from the producer. Place the end of the tube at the kitchen sink and then create a tight seal at the end of the pipe and drain. When the clog is on one side of a double drain, secure the rubber stopper on the other side of the sink. Then switch the vacuum to the maximum position. The vacuum pressure can remove the clogging.

These four home remedy methods can resolve several common clogged drains in your kitchen sink. If a blockage is allowed to build up, it can lead to burst pipes and an expensive visit from a professional plumber. Moreso, it is advisable to hire a plumber to deal with your clogged drain. An attempt to clear your clogged drain yourself can result in a damaged pipe and malfunctioning of some plumbing parts, which is an additional cost to you. it’s time to call in a professional plumber to flush that smelly clogged drain in your kitchen sink.