Does It Make Sense To Repair vs. Replace Your Toilet?

Homes on LBI feature impressive views, great locations, stunning architecture, and great design. While it is not the heart of the home, many choose to create spa-like bathrooms, to create their very own oasis inside their home. Toilets can last quite a while and when you build that dream bathroom, the question of whether to keep the existing toilet versus replacing it often arises. They don’t fix it if it isn’t broken mentality can come into play but it is important to consider the lifespan of the toilet, whether it is energy efficient, and if you have found yourself having minor, but consistent issues.

So the question remains when building your dream bathroom, when should you replace your toilet:

Does It Make Sense To Repair vs Replace Your Toilet

Do you find yourself repairing it often?

Once you have begun the investment of repairing instead of replacing, it can be hard to accept that you need to replace. If after multiple service calls your toilet still isn’t functioning to its peak, then it is time to replace it. Not only can repairs get pricey but constantly running toiletry can negatively impact your water bill and your overall plumbing system.

Is your toilet loose or wobbly?

There are some simple solutions to this issue like tightening the seat bolts or replacing the wax seal around the base but if after those upgrades your toilet is still not right, it may be time to say goodbye. Loose or wobbling toilets can lead to a serious leak which can lead to even bigger issues for not only your plumbing system but also your entire home. Give Air Tech a call to come out for an assessment if you are unsure if you have a leak on your hands.

Do you notice any cracks?

Even the smallest of cracks in the toilet bowl or tank can be a major problem. Unfortunately, there is no fix for cracks and they can only get worse, never better. Flooding and water damage are much more likely when cracks are present, which can lead to a disaster in your brand new bathroom!

Do you notice that your toilet clogs often or won’t flush properly?

An occasional clog is normal, but an almost everyday occurrence is not. A professional drain clean could help solve the issue if you have hard water but in some cases, a new toilet is the only solution. If your toilet won’t flush at all, that is a sure sign of replacement but if it has poor flushing or constant running, it is best to talk to a professional about your options.

So, now you ask, when is it best to just repair the toilet:

Is your toilet not flushing? Try shortening the chain that attaches to the flapper or tightening the toilet handle.

Are you experiencing low water levels? You could possibly need a valve replacement unless you find water on the floor around your toilet, which indicates you could have a leak and need replacement.

Do you occasionally experience a large clog? While plunging can be effective, sometimes a more stubborn clog requires a professional for snaking or augering.

Is your toilet running often? Other than the sound being annoying, it can actually be a pretty quick fix. Replacing the flapper or fill value could be the solution. However, there could be mineral sediment in your pipes which is a bigger issue; if you take steps to find a solution but without success, give Air Tech a call.

Do you notice foul smells despite regular cleaning? This could be a sign of a partial drain clog or damaged seal but first, try a solution of scrubbing with plain white vinegar or pouring bleach down the overflow pipe.

If trying to repair your toilet is overwhelming, or you are not sure if you need a replacement, give Air Technical a call. We will work to find the best solution for your dream bathroom to ensure your oasis stays an oasis, where your worries will melt away, not build up.