Ask Your Hot Water Heater Repairman

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When it comes to cold showers, strange sounds or leaking water, a hot water heater repairman at Air Tech can help you diagnose the problem. Sometimes it’s a simple fix to get your hot water heater back in business. Other times, it may make more sense to replace the unit rather than make repairs.

Diagnosing a Hot Water Heater Problem

If your hot water heater isn’t producing hot water, how do you know what’s to blame? Let’s take a closer look.

My Water Starts Hot Then it Turns Cold

If your water starts out hot for short time before turning cold, this could be a sign that your bottom element has failed. With the upper portion still working, the water at the top of the heater will heat, providing little hot water before the supply runs out.

My Water is Lukewarm

Lukewarm or cold water could be due to a number of reasons such as both elements failing, tripped circuit, blown fuse, loose wiring or simply due to a faulty thermostat. A hot water heater repairman can diagnose this problem pretty easily and let you know next best steps.

My Water Heater is Leaking

Unfortunately, a leaking water tank doesn’t come with a quick fix. If you notice any standing water near your unit, contact a plumber right away. The problem could worsen quicker than you may realize, leading to a costly flooding problem.

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The Hot Water Heater is Making Strange Sounds

When you start hearing strange sounds like hissing, banging, knocking or popping, it’s most likely due to sediment build-up in the bottom of the tank or scale build-up on other heating elements. Strange noises are often harmless, but could also indicate a leak or too much pressure inside the tank. Either way, it should be inspected by a repairman for piece of mind.

Pilot Light Woes

There are a few possibilities as to why your pilot light will not light or will not stay lit. Most often a thermocouple replacement is necessary. Other times it could be due to a faulty gas valve or clogged vent which can lead to downdrafts that end up blowing out the light.

Contact Your Ocean County Hot Water Heater Repairman

Like all appliances, maintenance is necessary to ensure the unit is running efficiently and to help identify and minor problems before they become big problems. And, if your hot water heater is over 15 years old and experiencing problems, such as strange sounds, reduction in hot water or issues maintaining a consistent temperature, you should consider replacing the unit with a newer, more efficient model.

Check out our service area and give the Air Tech hot water heater repairman a call at 609-494-1400 to find out more. Our Ship Bottom office is conveniently located on the Causeway, allowing for quick response time to customers’ needs throughout the Long Beach Island and Ocean County areas.