3 Ways HVAC Contractors Save Homeowners Money

The majority of today’s homeowners are spending more than necessary on monthly heating and cooling bills, and HVAC contractors know the reasons why. HVAC contractors are in people’s homes every day, and they see the mistakes that are costing homeowners hundreds of dollars each month.

Keep reading to find out the three most common causes of inflated heating and cooling bills, and learn more about the best cost-saving strategies that HVAC contractors recommend to their own customers.

Why Is My Utility Bill So High?

HVAC systems are getting more efficient, and yet many homeowners feel like their energy bills are only getting larger.

U.S. energy consumption reached record highs last year, thanks in part to a winter that was colder than expected across much of the country. But with newer homes becoming more energy efficient, there’s no reason homeowners should still be dealing with rising heating and cooling bills. When homeowners receive utility bills that are larger than they anticipate, the first call they usually make is to a heating and cooling company for advice.

HVAC contractors can run system-wide tests to determine the cause of sky-high utility bills, and potentially suggest low-cost fixes. Going into attics, basements, and crawl spaces, HVAC contractors are looking for quality insulation and air seals that might be failing. They are also looking for ways to make existing systems run more efficiently, which means more comfortable living spaces and lower overall energy consumption.

Here are three of the ways that HVAC contractors can save homeowners money.

Servicing Existing HVAC Equipment

Replacing HVAC equipment can cost thousands of dollars, but proper maintenance extends the lifespan of most heating and cooling systems.

Air conditioning and heating systems require annual maintenance just like a car. Without that annual maintenance, systems have to work harder to run, which requires more energy. Failing to maintain an HVAC system also leads to an increase in malfunctions and total system breakdowns. An air conditioning unit that’s 10% undercharged uses around 22% more energy, and its life expectancy is 30% less than a well-maintained unit.

Regular maintenance also involves changing out air filters. Clean air filters prevent dirt from building up in the HVAC system, and they help to prevent heating and cooling systems from unexpected failure. Air filters should ideally be changed once every three months.

In most cases, annual maintenance programs pay for themselves in reduced energy usage, potentially saving homeowners thousands of dollars.

Diagnosing Inadequate Air Sealing

With insufficient insulation and inadequate air sealing, homeowners are literally blowing through their money. Regardless of how efficient an HVAC system might be, if a home is not properly sealed and insulated, then the system will not run properly and higher bills will result.

HVAC contractors are trained in diagnosing insulation and air sealing issues, and they can recommend easy fixes to repair any issues that come up during their inspections.

Installing Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats keep homes at the ideal temperature and reduce the need for human interference. Air conditioners use 6% of all the electricity produced in the United States, but with programmable thermostats, homeowners can reduce the amount they spend on both heating and cooling costs.

Programmable thermostats can be set to adjust the home’s temperature based on the time of day. For example, many homeowners will turn down their heaters or air conditioners at night while they are sleeping or during the day when they’re at work. HVAC contractors can install programmable thermostats for a very reasonable price. In most cases, the cost is made up for in increased utility bill savings within one to three months.

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