My kids clogged the toilet with toys. What can I do?

With remote learning and working in full affect, your home is busier than ever. From the kids running around, to the dog barking, to the neighbors stopping by for a socially distanced chat, there is a lot happening and a lot of distractions. With the opportunity for Mom or Dad to not be paying attention comes the opportunity for some mischief. 

It’s no secret kids are curious and when it comes to the toilet, there are so many toys that “want to take a ride”. The flushing of toys can be hard on your plumbing system and pipes, as well as your ears when the kids realize their toy may be gone forever. Fortunately, Air Technical Services are well versed in toilet toy removal. They can be the teacher and the savior for kids and Mom!

There are many ways you can remove a toy from the toilet, here are our top tips and tricks for removal:

  1. Reach in and pull the toy out: Depending on the toy of choice, you may be able to remove the toy with ease. Smaller toys are harder to get stuck as they don’t get lodged in the drain; often they just sink to the bottom. While it is an easy solution, for some, the idea of putting your hand in the toilet bowl is worse than the thought of the toy remaining in the toilet.
  1. Empty the bowl: Another option would be to scoop water out of the toilet bowl. We understand wanting a quick and dry solution to your problem. Grab a cup and start scooping! Once you have removed enough water from the bowl, reach in, with or without a glove, and save the day.
  1. Take the plunge: If you can’t see it, but know it’s there, it might be time to break out the plunger. Be warned, if not careful, flushed toys may be lost forever with this course of action. Don’t over plunge as more than your child’s toy may be the result. 
  1. Clogged down: When a flushed toy meets another clog, they can become one in your toilet. If this happens, you can consider purchasing a drain cleaner from the store. However, the chemicals used in store bought cleaners can be harsh on your pipes and drain so be sure to use them occasionally.
  1. Snake that drain: For toys that have felt the wrath of a few flushes, you will most likely need a snake of some sort to pull them out, especially if they are lodged deep in the drain. All you have to do is insert the snake in the drain and as it is going through the pipe, begin to twist. If you feel something on the end, start to pull out. With luck, G.I. Joe will be on the end of the snake. 
  1. Hooked on toys, not fishing: While it may not be as satisfying as actual fishing, reeling in the lost toy can be the key to success. If the toy is too far in the drain to get your hand down there, but close enough that you can see it, grab a coat hanger or any object that can be finagled into a hook. Then pull that Barbie in. 
  1. And finally, call the professionals: At Air Tech, we are here to help on the days when you don’t feel like being a super parent and saving the long-lost toy. Our skilled service techs can provide all the plumbing assistance you need. We are equipped with all the right tools to help save your kid’s toys and stand up to the toughest clogs. 

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