Prevent These Home AC Repair Issues

Home AC Repair Air TechYou’ve likely heard before that regularly planned maintenance can help to keep your air conditioner running efficiently and prevent the need for home AC repair emergencies. 

Before we head deeper into the dog days of summer, here are three ways to prevent unnecessary home AC repair, saving time, money and headaches.


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3 Ways to Prevent Home AC Repair Emergencies

1. Worn Out Parts

With regular maintenance, your technician will be able to identify and replace worn out parts before they cause your system to shut down completely. Whether it’s something as simple as your filter or thermostat connection, or something more complex such as your compressor or capacitor, by catching the problem before it arises, you can prevent a system failure.

2. Dirty Parts

Cleaning the coils and fan blades during regular AC maintenance checks can prevent a lot of problems. If skipped, the coils become dirty, making it difficult for the unit to transfer heat effectively. This not only makes your home AC system work harder and run longer, but the increased load can also cause a major breakdown with a hefty repair price tag.  

3. Leaks

Refrigerant leaks can cause coils to freeze over and decrease the performance of your home AC unit. But that’s just the start. Leaks, even those that start as small as a pinhole, can have a massive effect as they expand. Fortunately, they can be detected and repaired with AC maintenance if caught early.

Home AC Repair Cost Factors

A variety of factors can impact the cost of your home AC repair, but some of the most significant include:


With regular AC maintenance, your home air conditioner could last up to 20 years. But as the unit gets older, repairs may become more expensive. 


If you have a large home, you’ll have a larger AC, which will cost more to repair than a smaller unit. 


Depending on the manufacturer of your home AC, the cost of some parts of your system may be covered under warranty for up to 15 years. 


From refrigerant leaks to compressor replacements, ultimately, the largest influencing factor on your repair price tag is what’s actually wrong with your HVAC system

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