HVAC Home Inspection Services for New Home Buyers

home inspection services Air TechWhy New Home Buyers Should Schedule HVAC Home Inspection Services

Buying a new home is an exciting, yet stressful time. Homeowners have many things to take care of between making an offer and the closing date. As one of the biggest investments of your life, making sure all bases are covered is essential. That’s why new home buyers should schedule HVAC home inspection services. This service, separate from the general home inspection, makes sure all parts of heating, cooling and ventilation are working properly before close.  


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3 Common Problems Found During Home Inspections

Home inspections alert you of any existing or potential issues with the home you’re about to purchase. While they are generally very thorough, they don’t necessarily examine a home’s HVAC in detail. In fact, we recommend scheduling home inspection services for heating, cooling and ventilation systems separately from the main inspection.  

General home inspection services often overlook HVAC problems, since they normally don’t include a detailed inspection of the HVAC. Generally, the inspector will only turn on the furnace and AC to make sure they work. This is not enough to get a comprehensive picture of its overall condition and potential for future problems. 

At Air Tech, we perform HVAC home inspection services all the time. Below are three common issues our technicians often find when conducting HVAC home inspection services for new home buyers in New Jersey:

1. Older or Unmaintained System

Buyer beware: If the HVAC has not been maintained, it will not only void the warranty of the unit, it can lead to a shorter lifespan and decreased efficiency to heat or cool your home. The HVAC unit may only be 3-5 years old, but if proper maintenance hasn’t been performed regularly, the unit will act like a much older one. 

Additionally, a heating and cooling system that operates longer than its designed life can cause health or safety issues. Gas heating systems, for example, must have a properly operating exhaust system to vent the byproducts of combustion, such as carbon monoxide. 

2. Missing Parts

Believe it or not, another common HVAC problems found during home inspection services involves missing parts. This could be due to the fact that the unit was not maintained properly or perhaps the home has been vacant for some time and was targeted for theft.

3. Ductwork Issues

If your ductwork was not installed properly or has developed cracks, it can cause air to vent into the walls or attic, instead of the intended rooms in the home. This not only decreases energy efficiency, but it can put unnecessary strain on the HVAC unit.

Schedule New Home Inspection Services

If you’re making an offer on a new home, the information gained from your HVAC home inspection services can provide reasonable cause to request 1) a home warranty,  2) a replacement of the furnace or air conditioner, or 3) a price reduction. In comparison, the cost of scheduling the appropriate inspection is much less expensive than having to purchase a new HVAC unit soon after buying your home. 

That’s why many home buyers on Long Beach Island and Ocean County, NJ rely on quality HVAC inspection services from the licensed, contracted technicians at Air Tech. Protect yourself from missing out on important information about your home — or the opportunity to negotiate a better price. In addition to HVAC inspections, we also provide sewer camera inspections to check the sanitary and storm sewer before you buy.

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