Leaky Ceiling? How Local Plumbing Services Can Help

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Did you notice water leaking through your first floor ceiling from the upstairs bathroom? Whether it’s just a damp spot, a slow drip or constant flow of water, a ceiling leak can do a lot more damage than the eye can see. And if ignored for too long, you could be looking at a major renovation in the future. Get the scoop on how Air Tech’s local plumbing services can help you identify the problem, and save a lot of money *and stress* on unnecessary repairs. 


Leaky Ceiling?

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Water Damage From a Leak

Repairing water damage from a leak is essential for the health of your home and those that live there. Left unaddressed, water damage in the ceiling can result in dangerous mold and fungal growth. For the average individual, exposure to mold can be extremely irritating and cause illness. If someone in your home has a compromised immune system, the exposure will create even greater health complications. 

Not only that, but even the smallest water leak, when not properly addressed, can compromise the structural integrity of your home. From aesthetic damage, such as staining and discoloration, to warping drywall, sagging ceilings and damaged wood floors. 

Big or small, it’s essential to speak with a local plumbing services contractor to address the leak and mitigate the water damage right away.  


Finding the Source of the Leak

One way to unveil plumbing problems (outside of visually noticing a leak) is by paying attention to strange smells. Leaking pipes will often leave a musty odor; this could be your first sign that you have a problem.

Before you can start making any repairs, you need to find the source of the leak. Unfortunately, detecting a leak can be more challenging than you may think. Many water leaks can remain hidden for quite some time. 


Top 3 Common Causes of Water Damage

Here are the top three common causes of water damage as identified by Air Tech’s local plumbing service:

  1. Bathroom Leaks- Whether the leak is coming from your toilet, sink bathtub or shower, if your bathroom isn’t waterproofed properly, you could experience ceiling water damage to the floor below. Check that all areas have the appropriate sealant to protect water from leaking through.
  2. Appliances- Appliances, such as the dishwasher, refrigerator, hot water heater and washing machine, are notorious for leaking. Whether it’s a leak due to an older appliance or an improperly installed unit, when appliance leaks occur, the first things you should do to mitigate the problem are to 1) turn off your water main and 2) remove the power source.
  3. Leaky Pipes – Pipes that are corroded, too old or not properly installed or secured can result in dangerous and destructive water leaks. SOS! Even the smallest hole in your pipe can flood your home with gallons of water in just one day. Although it’s rare, if you notice unexplained water damage, call in for emergency plumbing services right away!


When to Call for Local Plumbing Services

Still not sure if you have a leak? Or where it’s coming from? Consider making an appointment with professional plumbers to help you. 

At Air Tech, we provide trusted local plumbing services throughout Long Beach Island, NJ and surrounding areas for residential and commercial customers. As a local, family-owned company we know how important quality customer service, dependability, and on-time service it to our customers which is why we offer competitive, flat-rate pricing and warranty-backed repairs. 

Whether you need routine or emergency plumbing services, our skilled plumbers are here to help!

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