Holiday Causes for Emergency Plumbing Repair

emergency plumbing repair Air TechEmergency Plumbing Repair: How To Avoid Plumbing Troubles

Tis the season to be merry…not to worry about emergency plumbing repair. But, if you’re hosting for the holidays in your home this year, your plumbing and heating are going to be working extra hard. 

Kitchen Care: Avoid Emergency Plumbing Repair

Holidays are a joy, but they can be stressful. Between the extra food, guests, and entertaining, your plumbing system is put under additional stress. One of the most frequent plumbing repair calls we receive during the holidays is due to a backed up kitchen sink. A number of things can be to blame for a clogged sink, but often, during the holidays it’s because of food and FOG (fats, oils and grease). 


A few key kitchen care reminders to avoid emergency plumbing repair: 

  • Avoid putting foods such as fruit pits, meat bones, potato skins and egg shells down your drain that are hard-to-break up. Use a drain guard and scoop up the food into the trash can instead.
  • If your plates go straight from the table to the sink chances are you’re washing a lot of hard-to-remove oil down the drain, which can become a huge mess. Remember to clean off each plate into a separate trash bag.
  • Gummy, sticky substances, such as rice, pasta and bread can act like sponges and  expand with water causing a clog. When in doubt, anything larger than bite-size should be disposed of in the trash can.


Pain in the Drain: The Dreaded Holiday Guest Bathroom Emergency

When you’re hosting additional people in your home, the bathroom experiences a lot more activity than usual. Whether it’s from kids using too much toilet paper or guests flushing things they wouldn’t in their own home, no one wants a clogged toilet…especially during the holidays. 

Place a wastebasket close to the toilet as a reminder to guests not to flush anything but toilet paper. 

Working Overtime: Hot Water Heater Stress

Extra people in the home means extra demand on the water heater. Chances are that your hot water may run out due to the increased demands. Consider adjusting the heat output on your water heater to ensure everyone will have enough hot water. Note: do not set the thermostat above 120 degrees Fahrenheit for safety reasons.

Emergency Plumbing Repair Services for New Jersey Homes

A lot of NJ homeowners call for help only when emergency plumbing repairs are needed. Avoid an emergency by calling ahead for plumbing maintenance. This can save you money and avoid the inconvenience of an emergency plumbing repair during the holidays.

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